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Yz490 carb upgrade

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Feb 22, 2016 · 1,807 Posts. #6 · Feb 23, 2016. Ditto on what everyone else has already said. There is an adapter plate you can use to put a 2bbl carb on the inline, but it's much better to get the head modified (the opening is enlarged to take advantage of the 2bbl). The original distributor is a real weak point for these engines.
Carburettor rebuild kit for:-. Yamaha YZ 490 1987-1990 Models. float valve and holder. pilot jet 40. air screw and spring. Picture is for reference to show a typical item. needle and clip.
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Nov 10, 2010 · I used to race a YZ490 (2 stroke) for those who have never riden a 400 to 500 cc 2 stroke let me fill you in. They make so much power it is just scary. If you uncorked the Polaris 2 stroke you could easily double those power ratings. Just look at their 250cc 2 stroke, they put too small of a carb on it which limited it to 22 HP.
Only available in 1980, the Yamaha IT425 put professional performance within reach of regular consumers and enduro enthusiasts. The engine, based on the one from the YZ400 motocrosser, offered 46 bhp at 6500 rpm. That's pretty stout, considering the bike. Yamaha IT200 Yellow Frame Special.
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The tsp kit adds 50% more oil across the rev range and I can tell it is using more oil now. With this new map, you do need to use the cold start switch on the carb to avoid fouling a plug at cold start since the bike has both more fuel and oil added to the map. KTM did release two new maps ending in 102 and 103 on a TSB bulletin recently.
All the research I've done on carb upgrades was something akin to a rabbit hole. So many different opinions, good and bad, pros and cons, "amal this, keihin that. carb mods kill low end, carb mods kill high end, flat slides suck, Mikuni is the best, Keihin is the best, Mikuni sucks, etc." you won't know what to think.
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The best upgrade for $ I did on my 08 was fit a newish 2012 top end / cylinder . They have a better design and can be picked up quite cheaply . ... '86 YZ490. Thanks Johnny for the details. ... with the stock carb, etc. rock: Bike only has maybe 30-50 hours from what I can tell total since 1999, but I when I start cleaning everything up and ...
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Quote from: evo550 on March 15, 2013, 09:39:06 PM. I have seen a twin Amal carb set up on a tt 600 at the Connondale classic one year, both carbs where slide operated with syncro'd cables. (instead of the slide/vacume standard set up). It was still in a project stage, but ran well.
Carb upgrade for my AT/CT3 project; 01 Oct 2021 17:44; Rust in gas tank. 01 Oct 2021 17:39; Flywheel Puller for Standard Yamaha Enduro Flywheels on Amazon. These will work on most all enduros with a standard flywheel, except the electric start 125 models.
Can someone confirm if a Mikuni 38mm carb came stock on these bikes, and is a 44mm version a common upgrade? Maybe from a newer 490 or something? Did 490's come stock with 44's? I assume I would possibly need to change the reed blocks and/or intake manifold as well when upgrading the carb? Any help would be appreciated.
1994 Yamaha yz250 - missing rad scoops and carb; 1986 Yamaha YZ490 - stuck motor; Yamaha IT465; 1980 Maico MC440; 1985 Honda CR250; 1979 Honda CR250 red rocket; 1983 Honda cr480 - not run for 2yrs; 1981 Husqvarna 250CR - ran 5yrs ago; 1980 Yamaha YZ465 - good runner; 1980 Kawasaki kx420; 1975 Yamaha Yz400 - stuck motor; 1986 Honda ...