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Feb 07, 2021 · Degenerate's Paradise. Feb 7th. shinsou trying to tame his bratty little sister but he’s scared to put his foot down so he calls aizawa to help him. (if you feel uncomfortable writing this i totally understand you don’t have to) tenkomybeloved. Warnings: Noncon, incest, brat taming, orgasm denial, overstimulation, yandere.

Contents: Yandere!Hawks, yandere!Dabi, yandere!Bakugou and yandere!Shinsou with a fem!darling who is really compliant to them. A/N: man I wish I was as pretty as y/n in this fic :[Warnings: NSFW, SUGESTIVENESS, SEXUALIZATION, DARLING IS KIND OF SUBMISIVE, YANDERE THEMES. Dabi
A MHA Creature AU. Featured Yanderes: Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Hitoshi Shinsou, Tamaki Amajiki, Mirio Togata, Shouta Aizawa, Keigo Takami, Touya Todoroki, Tomura Shigaraki. Pairings: Reader x Various MHA characters. Rating: 18+ All Characters 18+/ Minors DNI/ Race-Ambiguous Reader/ Genderless Reader/ Genderless Pronouns
Aug 04, 2020 · Yandere Shinsou x reader. Tw: Yandere. Enjoy! 💜You had known Shinsou since grade school. He was the center of attention while you hid in the background. 💜Everyone picked on him for having an evil quirk but you thought it was cool. You never told him that though.
Chains (Shinsou X Reader) Pairing: Shinsou x Reader, side!Kirishima For anon. Genre: Angst to fluff Word count: 2,576 Tags: @yuki-osaki @liviitehe @iamsoftsodonttoucheume-blog a/n: Who am I to resist a request? Or even a little angst ;) Take care of your mental health kids, don't end up like me Thanks for being the first request anon! I hope I did a good job fulfilling your wishes!
8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 27 shinsou hitoshi playlists including bnha, boku no hero academia, and my hero academia music from your desktop or mobile device.
A confused Shinsou knocked on your door, confused as why he was there but wanting to see you. You drowned out the noise by crying into your arms as you just wanted him to go away. It's been over a month since you last spoke to Shinsou, and some days you wonder if he heard your tears that night. If he understood the pain he caused you.
Izuku Midoriya is a quirkless boy, living in a super-powered world. When he found a book filled with magical cards, he sets into motion an event centuries in the making. Follow Izuku as he makes friends, catches cards and hearts, maybe not multiple hearts, as he traverses into becoming a pro hero.
I Care About Murder, Not Your Feelings. Insomniac Cookies - Soft Yandere Shinsou AU. 2021.08.14 17 notes. #shinsou x reader #my hero academia shinsou #bnha shinso hitoshi #yandere shinsou #shinsou fluff #yandere bnha #bnha fluff #bnha angst #bnha smut #yandere shinsou x reader #bnha x reader #shinsou angst #shinsou smut #shinsou hitoshi.
Yandere Vampire Shinsou and Jirou x reader! Tw: Yandere. Happy birthday!!! You shake the nerves from your body as you walk to school. Today was your first day as a second year at U.A. Part of the reason you were so nervous was because you missed the first year, leaving you little to no opportunity of squeezing into someone's friend group.
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Yandere!Bakugou x reader. It’s a special occasion, so Bakugou decides to wine and dine you. It’s too bad for him that you’re intent on ignoring him. Warnings: yandere, dark themes, lime, forced orgasm, minor food kink, stockholm syndrome, spanking, light violence. A/N: I woke up at like three in the morning and decided to finish this.
Trust Me (Yandere!Todoroki x Reader x Yandere!Shinsou) I don't own this photo. The rain droplets pushed on the window in the apartment's living room. The T.V. emitted the only light in the room showing off a horror movie, you weren't that interested in. You sat, covered in fluffy blankets next to your best friend, zoning out from the movie.
Pairing: Naga Shinsou x Reader Warnings: Mention of noncon, mind control, breeding, mentions of ovi, yandere Note: Do I want to do a part 2 of this with the actual ovi? …yes. Too much to do atm, though. Additional Note: Well look, I did a part 2. Sequel can be found here. "Shh, come to me, little human," the man whispers to you from the dark.
chaotic creations. Anime Masterpost. List includes: atla, Boku no hero academia, demon slayer, haikyuu, magi, mystic messenger, naruto, noragami, who made me a princess. Warnings: This contains yandere works with behaviours and themes that can be triggering or uncomfortable to read. Read at your own risk, I do not condone such behaviour irl, it ...
shinsou-nii who likes to who guilt trips you into sucking his cock after you rile him up wearing a cute little dress ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎ TW: misogyny, yandere, coercion, incest, blowjob, Shinso Is A Bastard Man
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Shinsou: Shinzo brainwashed you when you were a child and made sure you didn't leave him. Bakugou: Bakugou felt like he needed a way to Mark you so he put Barnes on you all the time. Aizawa: Aizawa sa...– Ouça o Yandere BNHA characters x Listener part 2(Shinsou, Bakugou, and Aizawa) de MHA Characters X Listener instantaneamente no seu tablet, telefone ou navegador - sem fazer qualquer download.
Shinsou was making it seem as if it was your fault, like you were the difficult one who was being always being unreasonable and problematic. However, the fact of the matter was that it was Shinsou who had driven you to your breaking point due to his controlling, demeaning, and toxic behaviour.