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Lekker warm doeks meaning

Driving-Dutchman is een website voor mannen en vrouwen die van auto’s, motoren en techniek houden en hier graag meer over willen lezen, zien en horen.

"Lexical meaning". Binne hierdie kategorie moet daar bloot vasgestel word wat die betekenis van sekere woorde is. Hier word aspekte soos konteks, kultuur en die oorsprong van woorde in ag geneem. "Pragmatic meaning". Die 'manier' waarop daar gekommunikeer word is in hierdie kategorie die hooffokus.
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English words for kostelijk include precious, delicious, great, priceless, rich and jolly. Find more Dutch words at!
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Aug 30, 2003 · lekker. Dutch and Afrikaans (South African) for "tasty", but used incessantly by the cloggies to describe everything that could ever possibly be considered even marginally above mediocre. Despite this not leaving much wriggle room in Holland, they manage to use it all the same, since they don't know any better.
English words for lekker include tasty, nice, delicious, yummy, deliciously, snug, dainty, enticing, luscious and tempting. Find more Dutch words at!
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Boeiende nuus- en mensestories, weeklikse resepte, inhoud wat die lewe vir ouers en skoolkinders makliker maak, heerlike stories oor hartsake en bekendes, leesstof vir ons boekklub, en wenke oor mode, skoonheid, dekor en jou leefstyl.
Een warm kompres ontspant de spieren rondom je ogen. Dat kan helpen tegen dat vermoeide gevoel. Om een eenvoudig kompres te maken, hou je een schone washand of een paar tissues onder de warme (niet hete) kraan. Leg de doek een paar minuten op je ogen tot ze weer gekalmeerd zijn. Je kunt ook een warm kompres maken met theezakjes.
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A drank (beverage) that is lekker warm (nice and warm) helps fight that cold - while also keeping you awake. Koffiehandel Koffie became widespread in Europe in the 1500s and 1600s, and the Dutch managed to take a big chunk of the international koffiehandel (coffee trade).
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05 Mar English to Afrikaans (South Africa) Phrase Translation Guide. Afrikaans was purely a spoken language right up until the eighteen hundreds. During this period, it was adapted to replace Dutch as it's written form by a nationalist movement. This is a phrase translation guide from Afrikaans to English.
English: A coffin suit does not have pockets. Meaning: When you die, your possessions mean nothing. Die poppe gaan dans; English: The dolls will dance. Meaning: There's going to be trouble.
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About Geshmak: it sounds to me as pure Dutch. It is a word that is used to express a typical sensing experience. For example "Dat heeft lekker gesmaakt" (That was good to eat). The verb "smaken" is "to taste" - it tends to refer to an oral experience or close to such a feeling sense. It is not like "to eat" = mechanical - taking nourishment.