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We are looking for a Lead Python Developer who has written effective and scalable python codes for big data analysis. We are looking for a self-starter who is willing to work in a very fast paced environment and can define processes for us to scale to the next level . A Day in the Life. Building efficient and reusable Python API workflow components

2 Analysis of career growth depending on various development plans The model can be used to analyse career growth programmes and select a programme that reflects the strategic objectives of the entity. Fast promotions may result in rapid growth in the management headcount. An optimal career growth programme allows entities to avoid breaching their
I am a guy from a completely different discipline who need some Image Processing techniques to achieve this goal in a project. I need to derive the edges from an indoor floor plan, as shown below. I have tried this particular Python edge detect snippet:
Voluntary Churn : When a user voluntarily cancels a service e.g. Cellular connection. Non-Contractual Churn : When a customer is not under a contract for a service and decides to cancel the service e.g. Consumer Loyalty in retail stores. Involuntary Churn : When a churn occurs without any request of the customer e.g. Credit card expiration.
Computational Geometry in Python: From Theory to Application. When people think computational geometry, in my experience, they typically think one of two things: 1. Wow, that sounds complicated. 2. Oh yeah, convex hull. In this post, I'd like to shed some light on computational geometry, starting with a brief overview of the subject before ...
Raspberry Pi, Python, ... Dream Room Floor Plan (budgeting and Microsoft Excel) by Jcl810 in Microsoft. ... Frequency Analysis: SPSS ...
Dec 07, 2012 · HAND DRAWINGS. Here are the hand drafts of the Rietveld-Schroder House that RED 5 has put together. Drawing the house helped us understand its design and composition, both structurally and architecturally. GROUND FLOOR PLAN.
Bill Boards are supported on the very large Cantilever Steel Structures. You will learn how to plan the basic Structural System, which can resist the high wind and high seismic loads. You will learn how to do the dynamic analysis of the Steel Structure. Modal Analysis is a very important part.
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The value of time series data and TSDBs. Time series data key insights in domains ranging from science and medicine to systems monitoring and industrial IoT. Understand time series data and the ...
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The value of time series data and TSDBs. Time series data key insights in domains ranging from science and medicine to systems monitoring and industrial IoT. Understand time series data and the ...
Python is a great "gateway" programming language especially suited to library work, like text analysis and metadata cleanup. Bots are interesting tools — often text-based — that work behind the scenes of the web.
Free Online Tutorials and Courses - Collection of technical and non technical, Free tutorials and reference manuals with examples for Java8, XStream, Scrum, Guava ...
Getting to Know the Python math Module. The Python math module is an important feature designed to deal with mathematical operations. It comes packaged with the standard Python release and has been there from the beginning. Most of the math module's functions are thin wrappers around the C platform's mathematical functions. Since its underlying functions are written in CPython, the math ...
Data Analysis: Python is the leading language of choice for many data scientists. Python has grown in popularity within the field due to the availability of many excellent libraries focused on data science (of which NumPy and Pandas are two of the most well-known) and data visualisation (like Matplotlib and Seaborn).
The DataSpace offers two top-end computers (one PC, one Mac) and ten high-end computers (five PC, five Mac) for data wrangling and analysis. Liquid Galaxy. Liquid Galaxy is a large, interactive seven-panel digital display located on the first floor of the RBD Library that can be used for teaching and research. Laptop Docking Station.
This data analysis course is unique in that it is based on extensive practical experience along with being comprehensive and intensive throughout the 5 month full time program. Wild Code School's 5 month data analysis course can be completed full time and offers you the latest cutting-edge training in machine learning, SQL and Python to acquire a job.
The Python online test assesses candidates' knowledge of programming in the Python language and understanding of its native data structures.. It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good Python developer needs to be able not only to solve problems using Python as the programming language but also be familiar with Python native data structures and language constructs.
IfcOpenShell is an open source (LGPL 3) software library that helps developers work with the industry foundation classes (IFC) file format. The IFC file format can be used to describe building and construction data. The format is commonly used for building information modelling (BIM), for example, mechanical loading analysis, and thermal and energy efficiency studies.