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Nov 03, 2018 · MASTERLIST OF ALL FANFICTION AND MY OWN FANDOM RELATED WORKS. Originally posted by tinysofia. SERIES’ A Rose at Twilight - Thorin Oakenshield x Fem!Reader - Imagine your Thorin poster comes to life at night.

The Day You Stopped Loving Me. Part 1 Steve x Reader/Bucky x Reader "I thought you loved me." "I'm pregnant." "You're gonna come back right?"I asked Steve as I followed his threw the Tower,"I don't know babe,We don't know how this is going to end."He told me as my hands fiddled with the positive pregnancy test that was hidden in my sweater sleeve."Just be safe okay?I ...
Another Stark (11) ~Avengers x Child Reader. Previously on Another Stark. " (Y/N)'s been taken. And I'm pretty sure I know who did it" Tony stated, as he played a short clip of video footage. On the screen, the figure of a woman dressed in black appeared as she picked up (Y/N) before the screen went black.
Graduation - Avengers x Reader. Just a lil something I thought of bc I was dreaming about graduation! (as always) No relationships, just cutie Avenger friendships and fam. Y/M/N = your middle name. Warnings: none! Word Count: 920
*Main Masterlist* Updated: 8/20/21. Oneshots: Loki Laufeyson: Unneeded Fear (Gender Neutral Reader) (Written as broadly as possible, more in the a.n. in the oneshot). Summary: You come out to Loki, afraid he might reject you.But the god of mischief then releases some information to you as well.
Aug 03, 2021 · The Regular (Bucky x Barista!Reader) Summary: A slow rainy day at a local cafe picks up when your favorite customer comes in. Girl’s Night Out (Bartender!Bucky x Reader) Summary: What was supposed to be a girl’s night to support Pietro’s band becomes sidetracked when Natasha failed to mention the new bartender Clint hired.
Reader is totally oblivious that Bucky is in love with her - AU. 4. Let Me Love You: Series Masterlist ( Completed) Summary: Reader had a difficult past, but she finally found her home with the Avengers. After few years of living with them, she became a different person and she will try to help their newest member to overcome his past. 5 ...
Steve Rogers x Stark!reader. Masterlist. Summary: Tony Stark is a good man. He has lost his entire family yet lives his life devoting himself to helping others. Steve Rogers never knew the secret that Tony has kept since his parents death long ago, but it finally comes out, and everything makes a little more sense.
Wife!Reader Social Media AU (Evans Family) Part 1 Part 2. Daughter!Reader Social Media AU. Part 1 …. Johnny Storm x Reader (Fantastic Four) You’re okay. Exposed Prank. Annoying …. Steve Rogers x Reader (Captain America) Don’t Like Crowds. Count The Stars. See You Soon. If I Could Bring You Back. Countryside Home. Ice Cream Date ...
freak. avengers x teen!fem!reader. summary: you get captured during a mission and the team saves you. warnings: language, violence, brief misogyny, torture, **NO sexual assault (because as i was proofreading, i only implied most of the torture scenes because i didn't want to write it in graphic detail and i realised the vague wordings might be misinterpreted as sexual assault which IT IS NOT ...
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Summary: Thor Odinson x Reader ; Set after the events of AOU. When Thor returned home he insisted on taking the newest addition of the team with him for a few months, insisting they were in his Ragnarok vision. Tony and Steve were adamant but agreed to a two month leave, trusting that he would keep you safe and help you with your talents.
MASTERLIST Reader x Character Fics: Pietro Maximoff: Undressing (full version) I have a theory We Can Work This Thing Out A Penny for your Thoughts The Avengers Faerytale Hate and Something...
Pairing: Loki x Reader Summary: Once upon a time, the youngest son of Odin, Loki Laufeyson, was imprisoned in the highest room of the tallest tower, ne'er to be seen again.The arrival of a stranger put everything to the test… and for a while it seemed as though they'd passed. However, not all is as well as it seems.
Nov 03, 2018 · MASTERLIST OF ALL FANFICTION AND MY OWN FANDOM RELATED WORKS. Originally posted by tinysofia. SERIES’ A Rose at Twilight - Thorin Oakenshield x Fem!Reader - Imagine your Thorin poster comes to life at night.
Series. At the Fall of a King // Masterlist. Take My Hand, Don't Look Back // Masterlist ♡. Winning Feels Good // Masterlist ♡. Between Every Line // Masterlist. Till Death Do Us Part // Masterlist ♡. One Shots. Seven Months (Male!Reader) A Waiting Lover ♡.
Broken Home - Avengers x Reader. Words: 2155 Estimated reading time: 12 minutes Characters: Reader, Mother, Father, Steve, Tony, Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, Thor, Clint, Bruce Prompt: '' Then maybe she was a mistake! Maybe she wasn't even suppose to exist in the first place! '' Warning: Sad, arguing, crying, angst, fluff [Trigger Warning of Parents Arguing]
Idiot (Peter Parker x Sister!Reader) "Shut up." Punchlines. Periods Suck. Avengers: Baby Edition. You're The Reason. Georgia. Miss Wilson (Deadpool x Sister!Reader) Weddings & Plastic Dinosaurs. Movie Night. The Talk. Catgirl. The Elf on the Shelf (Avengemas) Imagine… Peter showing off his powers when you join the Avengers, Part Two
Apr 20, 2021 · VelvetCardiganBucky Masterlist: Updated 20/04/21. = New . Chris Evans: One Shots: Never Just A Kiss » Chris Evans x Teacher!Reader — Chris really just wants a kiss but honestly the reader knows better, a kiss is never just a kiss.
May 07, 2021 · mcyt smut mcyt x reader smut dsmp x reader smut dsmp smut dream x reader smut dreamwastaken x reader smut dreamxd x reader smut awesamdude x reader smut badboyhalo x reader smut eret x reader smut foolish x reader smut karljacobs x reader smut punz x reader smut sapnap x reader smut Technoblade x Reader Smut Schlatt x Reader Smut 501 notes May ...